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Vivid Ballet exists to promote the true, the good and the beautiful. By producing innovative and artistically diverse choreographic works we provide our audiences with performances that are rationally and emotionally affective. Vivid Ballet values Art, informed by faith, and seeks to reach the broadest audience possible via classical and contemporary ballet. Learn more…

Colleague Review

"Elizabeth McMillan, Vivid Ballet Artistic Director, a force to be reckoned with. Her team of dancers at Vivid Ballet are not only exceptional artists, but artists of the utmost intergrity, purely invested in the creative process, all while striving for world class excellence!"
Caleb Mitchell
Former Dancer - Houston Ballet
"It has been an honor to work with the artists of Vivid Ballet. Along with their robust dancing, great skill, and clean lines, the company is very clear on their commitment to all that is "true, good and beautiful!" Under Betsy McMillan's deft leadership and vision, this company is a welcomed voice in contemporary ballet."
Stephen Rooks
Former principal Dancer, Martha Graham Dance Company
"I believe that the art of ballet has the power to elevate and magnify people, both dancers and audiences. It can uniquely incarnate spiritual joy. I am thrilled that the vision of Vivid Ballet is grounded in these truths."
Silas Farley
New York City Ballet
"Vivid Ballet’s commitment to the highest standards of artistry and professionalism is evident in each moment one witnesses these dancers at work. Whether on the stage or in the studio, they radiate the humanity, passion and dedication to all the best that this living art form of Dance has to offer."
Stephen Pier
Dance Division Director - The Hartt School, University of Hartford

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